International YiXue Science Symposium
Nossen / Dresden
September 2nd and 3rd, 2011

The International YiXue Science Symposium will continue the exchange, which was started within the scope of the World Qigong Congresses between western science and qigong research. According to schedule the special conference takes place four-yearly. On the occasion of the setup of the Lotus DaXue-Qigong-University this year the exchange takes place in the newly founded Education Center in Nossen, near Dresden.

The symposium offers a panel for health in our society and welcomes all who are concerned about this great and important topic. It serves the development of health for the good of all people.

In the last years methods of health preservation and a holistic understanding of health rose tremendously. The congresses realized by the World Qigong Head Office Association with Wei Ling Yi as the president, 1999 in Hamburg, 2003 in Berlin and 2007 in Basel, played a significant part contributing to this. Many families and households became acquainted with the marvelous sound of the word health. The active participation with the health movement for recovery, cultivation and preservation of health was enthusiastically integrated in the daily routine by many.

Guiding principle:

”The spreading of a holistic culture of health and spirit for the benefit of all people.”

This guiding principle reflects the immense importance of the symposium. It promotes and shapes the exchange of scientific research results and of personal experience of the YiXue Culture. This is an incentive for a culture which is committed to health and strengthens the international exchange in this area. The symposium serves the development of health for the benefit of all people.

Deputies from China, Germany, United States, France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Austria, Sweden, Malta and many other countries and regions assured their participation and support.

Subject areas for written contributions are:

• Principles of life cultivation and a culture of health
• Exploration and application of those principles
• Insights in culture and cultivation of health in ancient cultures and their systematic exploration up to naturopathy, psychological treatment methods and traditional practices for the cultivation of health
• Gong Wu (Dance) as a method to regain health
• Nutrition and dietetics
• Application of aids and tools (e.g. ricebag) for maintaining health
• Exploration of practices of methods for attaining and keeping health as the Xiu Yi, Lian Qi • Exploration of the practice of personal experiences with regard to recovery, cultivation and maintaining health

The symposium is addressed to all who explore and cultivate health. If you wish to submit a written contribution for the symposium, please contact:

Organizer:Lotusakademie e.V. / Lotus Academy, non-profit association, in cooperation with the YiXue Educational Centre, the Lian Hua DaXue and the World Qigong Head Head Office Association.

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