International YiXue Science Symposium
September 2 - 3, 2011

YiXue Educational Centre, Nossen, big hall


Friday, 2nd of September

7 pm

Opening ceremony
Inauguration speech and lecture with Wei Ling Yi
Words of greeting from the invited guests of honour
and the representatives of the international preparatory committee
Event Programme and highlights with Lotos dance and Lotos songs

Saturday, 3rd of September

9am - 1pm
Exchange of various disciplines, part I
Speakers who have submitted written contributions, part I


2 - 5pm

Exchange of the vaious disciplines, part II
Professional contributions / testimonial reports, part II
Conclusion of the Symposium: Hui Ming Zi,
Chairwoman of "Fang Jing Xue" - environmental studies /Feng Shui and Nummerology
and I-Ging of the Lian Hua DaXue (chin.Lotus University)
Evaluation and honouring of the speakers for their contributions

6 - 10pm

Cultural evening with event programme

Organizer:Lotusakademie e.V. / Lotus Academy, non-profit association, in cooperation with the YiXue Educational Centre, the Lian Hua DaXue and the World Qigong Head Head Office Association.

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