World Qigong Congress 2011

Successful use of Qi methods in many new disciplines

Qigong is far more than just a practise for the prevention and maintenance of health. The core subject is the "Qi" the effect of the universal life energy in all living beings and matter. The masters of the east who have in more than 5000 years of research developed an extensive knowledge of treasure to the subtle information relations between person, environment and nature.

In the current, modern age of information, these ancient research rudiments but always empirically well-tried and proven - have been given a new value. With its link to western science, there arises for both sides important progress in almost all areas of sciences, child and adolescent education upbringing, education, environment, art, and personal development.

According to Wei Ling Yi, who has initiated many innovative practical uses and studies in the effectiveness of ”working with the Qi” said, that it can: • result in the pactitioner being healthier, mentally and physically more efficient and creative. • be an enrichment, an input for many occupational fields and general society. • allow for high-levelled scientific breakthroughs if researchers are able to adapt themselves to regular Qigong practise in oder to experience the impact of the Qi directly.

Results of the Symposium:

Within the scope of the scientific symposium a large number of studies were introduced, which examined this general hypothesis and were documented in detail, such as:

• Yi Qi Kang Ai – in combat against cancer: long term observations from some western physicians (amongst others, Margit Doehmen and team), who documented an unexpected multiplicity of more positve course of effects, phenomenen and healing by seriously ill,who had practised regularly.
• Yi Qi Mi Dai – tapping method for usage on the most important acupuncture points with the US patented herbal-ricebag and the long-term postive effects on sleep, vitality, digestion, performance efficiency and well-being.(Susanne Ludwig, alternative practitioner)
• Yi Qi Mi Dai: Study on Osteoporosis effects of the ricebag on the development of the osseous density on older women with partly astonishing results. (Waltraud Babbe, YiQi Mi Dai from the studies and reseach team)
• Yi Qi Zhi Neng – special courses for children for the support of their development and learning ability (integrated offers for the whole family).
The presentation of the first results of the research team under the direction of dipl. psychologist, Birgitt Kristen lead to the establishment of various projects (among others, a pilot project in Malta in 2012).

Organizer:Lotusakademie e.V. / Lotus Academy, non-profit association, in cooperation with the YiXue Educational Centre, the Lian Hua DaXue and the World Qigong Head Head Office Association.

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